Hardman Consulting

Chris is now an external LEAP Independent Consultant having been in house for over 4 years.

Chris has wide-ranging experience in a variety of industries but most importantly seven years in a legal setting as a Chief Financial Officer. Chris also has extensive experience with LEAP in the following areas:

  • Product Installation
  • Induction training
  • Bookkeeper Training
  • Upgrades from LEAP 2003
  • Transition Installations from other Legal Software Packages
  • Trust Account reconciliations and trouble shooting
  • Transitioning to Time recording
  • Integration with MYOB
  • Financial reporting in LEAP

Apart from his extremely detailed knowledge of the LEAP products Chris has been a long term user of MYOB across the various industries in which he has worked.

Experience: 4 years working at LEAP
Skills: Installations, training, troubleshooting and customisations for LEAP clients.
Location: Queensland

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